These are collections of graphics that may be used to decorate your web pages. Please note that you must have content on your site in order to purchase these graphics, which means you must include the URL of your site(s) in the order.

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Citrus Breeze Set Ahhh, those lazy, hazy days of summer. This adorable collection features a new bear hanging out in the backyard, sipping lemonade, and wading in the pool. 
Spring Blossom Set This webset features the things that remind us of spring - April showers, May Flowers, and being out in the fresh air after a long winter. Featuring Hugglesby bear, adorable sheep, bunnies and a sweet little duckling.
Snowfriends Set An adorable all-winter set with darling snowmen and snowwomen. Fun, frosty colors to help you celebrate the season of snow!

Spooky Set

A collection of spooky, but cute Halloween graphics, featuring Hugglesby Bear. Watch out for those spiders!
Heartfelt Set This is a Valentine's Day theme, but would also be great for pages used for your special loved one or just a love theme! Milo bear is the character in this set.
Harvest Time Set The name says it all, adorable fall graphics, featuring Buggsy Bear and Sassafras the Crow. :) This is a big set with lots of graphics, even alphabets!
Rosey Bear Winter Set My first original bear, Rosey, takes the stage in this collection. A heartwarming, cozy set for winter.