::Terms of Use::

Please understand that the "Terms of Use" are provided for both your protection and mine; they are written to clarify the terms under which the images contained within this site may be used. These terms are legally binding WHETHER YOU HAVE READ THEM OR NOT.

1. Only the graphics specified within the collection of linkware are permitted to be downloaded, uploaded or placed in another directory; all images that comprise the site itself are the sole, exclusive and permanent property of the artist and may not be reproduced by any method including screen captures and/or downloads. IF you want to use an image that is linkware, you must right click and save to your own directory. No direct-linking is allowed.

2. Any premade adoptables or graphics from a webset that you choose to use must have a linking logo with an active link directed to: on THE SAME PAGE that you use it. A text link is permitted for signature tags used in Emails or forums. This is not negotiable. Using this logo and link is part of the copyright.

Adding my logo to a page of "credits" is only acceptable for the lineart and tubes, not for websets or premades. It only takes a few seconds to credit your graphics.

3. Do not open any image from within the pages of Rosey Posey Pixels into any graphics editing program. You may not alter, change, colorize, resize, or modify any images without my consent with the sole exception of adding text to any supplied blank button or image designed for this purpose (any questions, just ask).

You may not use any of my graphics to create line art, filters, brushes, tubes, nozzles, fonts or other current/future software plugins.

4. In order for you to use my graphics (including sigtags) anywhere on the web, you must have the "No Right-click," ?Disable Image Toolbar,? and the "no-drag" scripts installed on any page you use them, which can be found for free at No exceptions. I expect you to protect my graphics as if you had created them yourself.

5. My images are not to be redistributed in any shape or form. They may not be placed in any online collection or offline compilation CD, software or other reproducible media.
If you have a script on your site that allows visitors to make sigtags by typing in a name and you want to use graphics you have made with my tubes and/or lineart for it, you MUST do the following:
  • Have this behind a password-protected area (whether it's a paid membership area or not)
  • Use a system where you are able to carefully approve your members
  • Ensure that your members are always respectful of all graphic artists' work and that they do not gain a profit from or redistribute the blank sigtags made with my tubes in any way shape or form.
If you allowed just anyone to sign up and make tags all they want, then that's no different from redistributing my graphics as you have no idea who is saving them or how they are using (or abusing) MY graphics. When you purchase my tubes and/or lineart, I expect you to treat them as your own graphics and this means to use them in a responsible and respectful manner.

6. You may purchase graphics for others to use, but they must also abide by my Terms of Use. Do not redistribute the linkware in any way, if you want to share the linkware with someone else, please direct them to this site instead.

7. You may not use any of my creations within any pages promoting child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, religious intolerance, animal abuse, pornographic and/or illegal activities.

8. If for any reason I request that my images be removed from your site, you will be given 72 hours to comply. Violations of the terms of use could subject you to this request.

9. Images from my site may NOT be used by individuals whose intent in developing web sites for others is for gain (whether actual income and /or bartered for trade) whether from the site itself or from the web page developing service. Use of my images by individuals developing websites with intent to gain is unequivocally denied unless a license and written permission from me has been obtained PRIOR to the downloading, uploading or use of any graphic. I do not currently offer such a license. You may not use graphics from my site if you are developing websites for others at no charge and then advertise these sites within a client portfolio with intent to acquire additional paying clients.

10.You must give credit where credit is due!! Graphic artists put a lot of effort into their creations, and share their art out of love. Please do not take away from this by stealing images in any way. Taking someone's graphic and changing a few pixels, flipping, cutting, re-coloring, or altering in any way does not make it your creation!!!

Thanks for reading my terms! I reserve the right to change these terms as I deem necessary, you are responsible for making any necessary changes. In the case that these terms might change, I will give you notice on the main page of this site. If there is anything that you do not understand or need me to clarify, please Email me first, please do not just assume you know what I allow if you are unsure!