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What forms of payments do you accept?
When can I expect my order?
Can I tube graphics made from your work?
Do you offer "as-is" items?
What about custom items, do you make those?
Can you explain the graphics terms (sigtags, premades, websets, etc)?
Can I use your graphics in makers?
Will you be my sister site?
How do you make your graphics?

What forms of payments do you accept?

All payments are made through PayPal, although you are not required to have a PayPal account to purchase, if you use a major credit or debit card. eChecks are accepted.

When can I expect my order?

It is important to me to try to send your delivery email as soon as possible. However, as I am only human, occasions do arise where I am unable to get your order within a reasonable amount of time. Please also understand that I am not at the computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week :) That said, every effort is made to get your deliveries to you within 48 hours of payment.

Can I tube graphics made from your work?

Sorry, but I do not currently allow any of my graphics to be made into tubes to sell to others. There are two types of items I sell that you make a profit from. The first are lineart, which you may color and sell in end-user decorative products only. This means that the person who buys the item from you may not make a profit from these graphics. They are for decoration only. Tubes are the other type of graphics that I offer for you to gain a profit from. These graphics must be assembled with other pieces before you sell them. The items you make with my tubes must also be end-user decorative products. This means that the person who buys the item from you may not make a profit from these graphics. They are for decoration only.

Do you offer "as-is" items?

I'm sorry, but I do not allow any of my graphics to be used "as-is," meaning that I do not allow my graphics to be placed within your members area for your members to use in their creations. My graphics may not be sold or offered for free as they are in packages, sets, etc. If you have further questions, please use the link to your left and send me an email.

What about custom graphics, do you make those?

At the moment, I regret that I can only take small custom orders for a single sigtag or premade. Price starts at $7.00 for a custom, one-of-a-kind sigtag or $15 for a custom, one-of-a-kind premade. Additional fees will be added for the amount of work required to do your graphic, especially if the graphic is larger or includes animation. If you're interested, please email me with details of what you would like and I will try my best to interpret your instructions for a unique graphic just for you. :)

Can you explain the various graphics terms used on your site (sigtags, premades, websets, etc)?

This is a question that I have seen asked many times and I hope to clarify as much as possible. However, not all graphic artists use the same definitions, but the following apply to my site. :)

Sigtags: These are graphics to be used as your signature in emails, in forums, your blogs, or simply for site decoration. Or if you're a "siggy piggy" like me, you can simply collect them. :)

Premades: Also referred to as "premade adoptables" on my site. These are cute one-of-a-kind graphics made for people who have adoption shoppes. They are called premades as they are already made, as opposed to a custom graphic. The adoption site owner will purchase the graphic from me, and receive the graphic as well as two certificates. One certificate is to be placed in their adoption shoppe, while the other is to be sent out when someone requests to adopt the graphic from their shoppe. So, the person who adopted the graphic will link to the purchaser's site, who in turn, links back to my site.
Websets: A larger collection of graphics, revolving around a specific theme and meant to be used to decorate your website with.

Lineart: Outlines of images which have been created for you to color. After the lines are colored, you may assemble them and make them into decorative websets, sigtags, stationery, etc. I do allow all my lineart to be edited, although I maintain copyright.

Base Sets: Are graphics, already colored, in the basic human (or animal) form, often drawn with several poses. I usually offer my base sets with different hair and clothing lineart as well as a few prop lines. You do not have to only use the linearts that come with it, you may mix and match with other artists' graphics, as long as you are still following both of our terms of use.

Tubes: Are graphics that are already colored/shaded by me and ready to simply be assembled into final images. You can arrange tubes into decorative-type graphics such as sigtags, premades, websets, email stationery, etc. At the moment, all of my tubes are 100% hand-drawn and colored by me. You will not find the tubes or lines for sale anywhere else.

Purchaseware: Refers to graphics that must be purchased first before you use them. All graphics on my site, purchaseware or linkware must be linked back to my site with an active, clickable link (or logo).

Linkware: Means that the items are free, as long as you provide a link back to my website. That is your form of payment for linkware graphics, and is not negotiable.

Can I use your graphics in "makers"?

No, my terms of use clearly state that you may not redistribute my graphics in any shape or form. If you have a script on your site that allows visitors to make sigtags by typing in a name and you want to use graphics you have made with my tubes and/or lineart for it, you MUST do the following:

  • Have this behind a password-protected area (whether it's a paid membership area or not)
  • Use a system where you are able to carefully approve your members
  • Ensure that your members are always respectful of all graphic artists' work and that they do not gain a profit from or redistribute the blank sigtags made with my tubes in any way shape or form.

If you allowed just anyone to sign up and make tags all they want, then that's no different from redistributing my graphics as you have no idea who is saving them or how they are using (or abusing) MY graphics. When you purchase my tubes and/or lineart, I expect you to treat them as your own graphics and this means to use them in a responsible and respectful manner.

Will you be my sister site?

Although I am very honored you would consider asking me to be your sister site, I reserve this special title for those people that I know and talk to often. All of my sisters I have "met" through my favorite hangouts and gotten to know for a period of time before our sisterhood was initiated.

How do you make your graphics?

I draw my graphics in Jasc (now owned by Corel) Paint Shop Pro 8. I do have Photoshop and Illustrator, but I hardly use them. After I had been pixeling for a while, I felt like I could draw better with a pencil and paper, than with my mouse, so I now use a Wacom Graphire tablet for drawing my cuties right into PSP. :) I started pixeling back in 2005, learning through various free graphics tutorials as well as a few membership sites, most of which have disappeared, sadly :( If you are interested in learning to pixel, there are still several free tutorials out there, you just have to search for them. Don't be afraid to try the ones that aren't necessarily the "cutesy" style, either. I have learned a lot from older style tutorials and gaming & sprites tutorials, etc.:)