.::Terms of use for using the line art::.

~Do not copy or claim as your own. Credit must be given on your website (a credits or links page is acceptable) with either the logo (active link) or a visible text link (must be active), which must be directed to http://www.roseyposeypixels.com

~Non-shaded lines may not be redistributed in any way, shape or form.

~If you do not have a website, you must tell me where you will be using these.

~My sample images may not be used in any way nor may the color palettes be used. You may use similar palettes, but please do not rip from my sample images.

~You may edit my lineart, but I still retain the copyright. You may erase pixels, flip, resize, etc...however you may not swap body parts from my line art with another creator's line art.

~You may sell your shaded creations using my line art as Purchaseware, however the end results must never be tubed, unless it is stated explicitly on the product's description.

~I reserve the right to refuse purchase from anyone within reason, i.e. if your site is in violation with my TOU, etc..

~If you do not act in accordance with my terms of use, you immediately forfeit the right to use my line art and no refunds will be given.

~And finally, you must also abide by my Purchaseware TOU.

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